Director's statement:

The idea for Destruction Party came to me while I was attending the 2011 Sundance Film Festival, and I quickly texted my long-time friend and Producer, Trenton Waterson, that I had an idea I'd like to write up. Long conversations with friends provided the foundation of the script, and fairly soon we had a small crew put together. Without their constant encouragement, collaboration and support over the next few months, Destruction Party would never have even been started much less cast, filmed, edited and finished.

    We have made a film that we find beautiful and meaningful, and hope you see it that way too. The opportunity to make our own film meant we could showcase some amazing talent in both cast and crew, and portray women as we know them to be. The women of Destruction Party may not be perfect, they may not give voice to your own joy, sadness or anger, but my hope is that you may see yourself, your mother, daughter, sister or friend reflected in some way.

- Amanda Mae Meyncke